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You are not doomed to be dumpy in middle age.

You CAN reverse the menopausal weight gain momentum.

Learn how to create long lasting, measurable fat loss with The Bottom Line, my new program with a science-based approach and an emphasis on "do-able" strategy.

The Details:

  • 5 week program
  • Start Date: Monday, 6/26
  • Weekly group Zoom trainings
  • Weekly action steps to move you toward your weight loss goal
  • One private coaching call with me to nail down a do-able strategy for YOU.
Sign Me Up! - $325


Will you continue to do what you’re doing? Wasting time and money on weight loss plans that aren’t designed for menopausal women, leaving you frustrated and discouraged by the lack of results?


Will you finally get YOU back by learning how to work WITH your changing body (instead of against it)?

I don't want you to spend another day spinning your wheels. Seize the opportunity to discover how to manage your weight in the age of menopause, once and for all. You deserve this. You do.

Sign Me Up! - $325

I hope you'll join me. Because when you feel good in the skin you’re in … when you feel lighter in body and spirit … you feel better about EVERYTHING.