Program Offerings:

Personal Training

Private Training

A one-on-one thirty minute workout in my University Heights studio - or on Zoom - designed to meet (and exceed!) your unique fitness goals. The focus is on strength training done in such a way that there is a cardiovascular effect as well. (Limited availability)

Small Group Strength Training Classes

30-minute classes on Zoom: Wednesdays at 7:30am &  Saturdays at 8am. 

All fitness levels are welcome. Must have dumbbells at home to participate.

Total Fitness Training

This program is for self-starters who desire a complete fitness strategy. Based on the client’s goals, preferences and time available, I will design a customized total fitness plan for the month...

Weight Loss & Habit Change

The Bottom Line: 

The Nuts & Bolts of Menopausal Weight Loss

You are not doomed to be dumpy in middle age. You CAN reverse the menopausal weight gain momentum.

Learn how to create long lasting, measurable fat loss with The Bottom Line, my new program with a science-based
approach and an emphasis on "do-able" strategy.

Get Out of Your Way: 

Overcoming Emotional Eating & Self Sabotage

Most of us who have weight loss goals, have a pretty good idea of what we should be doing to see the results we want … But we struggle with following through on the plan. Destructive eating habits and thought patterns keep us stuck.

This 5-week course will teach you how to overcome those barriers for good, so that you can finally attain the fit physique you desire.

The ReNew You Project

A 12-week one-on-one coaching program that helps women over 50 go from flabby to fit WITHOUT DEPRIVATION DIETING, so that they can face the world (and the mirror) with confidence, strength, and tighter abs.

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